The prevalence of cancer is astounding. It impacts people of all ages and walks of life and hits close to home for many of us. For 100 years, the American Cancer Societyhas been leading the way to transform cancer from deadly to preventative. Emerald City Auto Body is proud to support this organization.

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Emerald City Auto Body is honored to offer a work-study internship program for local high school students.  Our program gives students the opportunity to explore a possible career of interest first-hand. Our wonderfully trained staff serves as invested mentors for these young citizens.

As successful members of the community, we feel committed to giving back to those who have helped support our business. We are proud to impact local organizations as well as national foundations in an effort to enhance the feeling of connectedness within our community.

Emerald City Auto Body Gives Back

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD)is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking. MADD also supports drunk and drugged driving victims and survivors at no charge. As supporters of this organization, Emerald City Auto Body hopes to help heighten awareness in road safety and responsible decision making.

Emerald City Auto Body is a proud sponsor for Baseball Without Borders, a non-profit organization that fosters American and International relations through baseball for youth. This alliance gives youth baseball players the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience a new culture, using baseball to establish common ground.

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